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Bond Counsel Appointment

In accordance with Executive Order 2015-2, effective January 20, 2015, SPSBA now uses a competitive process for the procurement of bond counsel services.  The Governor’s Office of General Counsel has prequalified law firms in a Bond Counsel Pool.  Only Law Firms in the Pool may be considered as Bond Counsel for SPSBA projects.

Schools financing through SPSBA may issue and evaluate a request for proposal (RFP) with the specific requirements relating to the project.

RFP scoring is based on technical expertise, small diverse business participation and cost.

Requests for bond counsel appointment are made directly to the Office of General Counsel, through Deputy General Counsel Shawn Smith at and Jordan Kiessling at  The RFP document, the overall evaluation (including all firms’ scores) and the successful firm along with the final negotiated cost must be submitted when requesting bond counsel appointment.

For more information please contact Bev Nawa at or (717) 975-2204.

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Project Closing:

Widener University, Series 2021 - Closed 7/14/2021

Project Closing:

State System of Higher Education, Series AZ - Closed 06/24/2021

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